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Get borderless access to clean data and insights across Europe.


Assess creditworthiness based on real-time analysis of clean transactional data.


Get a better understanding of customers’ spending & ability to sustain extra payments.


Verify in real-time financial information directly from users bank accounts.

Assets & Balances

Get insights on customers’ balances & total assets
across Europe.

How it works

Finclude’s PSD2 platform is based on

Aggregate data

As a regulated entity we get
access to banking data.

Data mining

We normalize all transactional
data to mine for intelligence.


We utilize machine learning
to foresee behaviors.


We serve the
outcome via APIs.


Finclude collects and transforms individuals PSD2 transactional data for use by our partners.

We harness the power of financial and transactional data to assess affordability, credit risk, and beyond! We help you access data, make sense of it, and incorporate it into future decision-making. Our products are designed to give your customers the best experience, make your developers' lives easy, and help you stay ahead of the competition.

The power of our adaptive machine learning

Harvest the benefits of data

Vast volumes of data to make real-time data-driven decisions with confidence. Finclude does the heavy lifting of aggregating, normalizing and classifying millions of transactions to produce valuable insights.

Plug 'n' Play API

Easy to deploy

A suite of APIs to get all the information required to enhance the decision making processes. Simple integration, faster implementation and greater return on investment.

Data is safe with us

Banking level security

We enforce bank-level security for handling API tokens and credentials. All data are encrypted while in transit to our environment as well as at rest with AES 256-bit encryption on top of the newest IBM Hyper Protect technologies. We are fully compliant with GDPR and PSD2 requirements.

Open Banking, Berlin Group, etc? No problem

Data source agnostic

Access the payment accounts of all EU banks through a single API. Focus on your products and services. We have built integrations for all major PSD2 implementations frameworks and we keep expanding our list of connected banks.

Reduced costs

Increased efficiency

Focus on your service not on how to get access to data. Accelerate time to market, let us do the heavy lifting of multiple integrations. Decrease maintenance and monitoring costs, we have a dedicated team managing our infrastructure. We turn transactional data into insights for you to innovate.

Pay as you go

Simple pricing

Pay only for what you need. Simple and transparent pricing model. Use the APIs and data services based on your business needs at any time. There are no integration or other fees.

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