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  • Continuous monitoring of customers’ creditworthiness
  • Beef up credit event based scoring with a 360 customer view using their daily transactional behavior
  • Pre-screen applicants and help them choose the most relevant product for their current financial capacity
  • Assess those with thin or no credit files, as well as anyone within the European Economic Area & the UK
  • Educate customers on their financial well-being based on their spending patterns


  • Continuous monitoring of customers’ affordability as per EBA’s (GL 6) requirements
  • Know how much new credit a customer can sustain and when to increase limit
  • Assess anyone within the European Economic Area & the UK, including those with thin or no credit files
  • An up to date financial x-ray for debt restructuring and recoverability


  • Income verification based on actual real-time transactions
  • Source of funds verification for faster digital on-boarding
  • Verify customers’ income for property renting
  • Digital verification for Directorships and UBOs

Assets & Balances

  • Cross-sell and up-sell deposits, investments and insurance products
  • Full view of customers financial health for debt restructuring
  • Personalized pricing on financial products

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