Is Finclude finally here? What’s in it for me?!

510m adults across European Union do not have a common credit score in order to interact with financial institutions, either within borders or abroad; a problem solved long ago in the US. Young people, self-employed, expats, every you and me face challenges getting credit facilities and financial institutions rely on snapshots to make decisions. This has left more than 58m Europeans without access to any credit facility whatsoever. Finclude is going to change this with the launch of its service that enables fair access to credit; offering financial wellbeing in action. We are helping individuals achieve financial wellness through personal finance management and credit health checks! We enable those that are “credit invisible,” and those who do not meet the traditional criteria for a credit product, to get a fair shot. We give you ownership of your credit profile; with Finclude you know where you stand and how you can better your credit health! Getting credit is a Catch-22 for individuals with a short credit history or “thin credit file” – they cannot get credit and build their credit history, because by the default criteria they do not qualify for a credit line. Our approach uses an algorithm developed in-house that leverages machine learning and supplemental data (like income, short-term debt, and outstanding loans) to alternatively assess an individual’s credit risk profile.
  • We enable millennials and Gen Z students to fairly access credit products and we empower them with tools for financial independence
    • Millennials are cash-strapped, digitally savvy and are looking to access affordable, portable and more personalized options.
    • Students typically lack credit history and face tough time getting their first bank credit without having to provide collateral/security or to have a parent as guarantor.
  • We offer mobility/portability of scores across all of Europe, enabling individuals and financial institutions to universally assess affordability and creditworthiness:
    • When Immigrants and expats relocate internationally, they have to start their new lives with a blank credit history; the reason is simple, banks don’t share data and credit scoring is not universal.
  • We offer European banks visibility into individuals’ affordability and current financial health status. Our score is based on transactional behavior instead of credit events, so it is issued in real time versus monthly and can be issued to individuals with thin or no credit files.
Our reports enable you to understand your financial position and give you the chance to improve your financial wellbeing. We also assist you to understand how to boost your credit health. We are the new way to demonstrate credit worthiness driven by your actual, up-to-date financial data provided directly by you. Your data belongs to you and it is time you use them to your advantage! Our technology lets you use your own data when applying for financial products. You submit your data and we create a multidimensional financial profile based on your input. We draw a complete picture of your financial health and you are free to use it as you wish. Join the revolution !
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