Verge.Capital is now Finclude!

Verge Capital Limited is pleased to announce the accomplishment of several major milestones! As of the beginning of March we are fully registered as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) with the Central Bank of Ireland and we have initiated passporting our registration across the European Union. This will allow us to launch our services across all Europe, transforming the way we access credit! In parallel, we are pleased to announce that on top of the significant amount of money awarded to us from several renowned organizations, we completed our seed funding round from European and American angel investors. This investment comes following our successful collaboration with the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Mastercard and NYU Stern. Our funding built the way to our full commercial launch and will be used to take our business to the next level. Our experiences so far led us to adjust our corporate branding to something that better highlights our core mission, that of opening up credit markets both to individuals and financial institutions.

We are Finclude!

We are reinventing financial well being and we are enabling fair access to credit! Join the revolution!

About Finclude

Finclude revolutionizes creditworthiness and affordability assessment of individuals with machine learning on their financial behavior, powered by PSD2 APIs.
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