Verge.Capital is one of the 10 finalists of Female Founders Competition by Microsoft

Female Founders hosted by Microsoft’s venture fund, M12, EQT Ventures and SVB Financial Group Microsoft’s venture fund, M12, along with EQT Ventures and SVB Financial Group organized a global competition for Female Founders, with a view to boost and support innovative female entrepreneurs. According to Microsoft, studies have shown that investing in companies founded by women delivers significantly higher returns than the market average. Peggy Johnson, executive vice president of Business Development at Microsoft stated that: “This (Competition) isn’t about checking a box; it’s an opportunity to remind the VC community that investing in women is more than just good values, it’s good business.” The organizers received and carefully reviewed 700 applications from 28 countries around the world. In October we were informed that we got selected to pitch our venture to a group of judges in San Francisco! The judges’ panel was to be comprised by designated executives from the organizing parties. The female of the founding team had a 10-minute pitching slot to the judges, followed by 10 minutes of questions. On November 15th, the organizers announced the 10 finalists of the Female Founders Competition and I am so proud to announce that our company, Verge.Capital is one of them! Yes! We are one of the 10 finalists, from a pool of 700 innovative ventures from around the world. I am co-founder and Chief Risk Officer of a stealth fintech startup who has the honor to be acknowledged by renowned connoisseurs for its potential, capabilities and innovative solution. Fintech industry in on fire the past two years. The total amount of global VC funding to fintech deals, between the beginning of 2017 until Q3 2018, has reached $ 50.5 billion. What we do? We have created a next generation credit score platform that is more fair and inclusive for our fellow citizens. Our tool assesses an individual’s financial stance and affordability based on transactional behavior data points and is uniform throughout European Union. We enable EU citizens to carry their credit scores across EU freely. We also enable underbanked EU citizens to get access to credit facilities based on our capability to assess them. Our credit score models are based both on subject matter expertise, as well as on behavioral, transactional and comparable data points. They are architected with self-learning capabilities and enable us to have a dynamic and more accurate mechanism to quantify credit risk. Today, there is no common credit scoring provider within European Union and most decisions about credit assessment are based on credit profile snapshots. Our approach provides granular quantified visibility on each individual’s credit profile. Verge.Capital’s team possesses many years of hands-on experience in technology, risk and financial services. We have joined forces in order to solve an everyday problem that affects the citizens of the entire European Union. We are grateful for this amazing opportunity to showcase our capabilities and potential to some of the best stakeholders in our field. We plan to capitalize on the dynamics and make a significant contribution to women-led innovative ventures.
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